Box2D C++ tutorials - Source code

Last edited: July 14 2013

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Tutorial source code

Here you can download the source code for the demonstrations covered in the tutorial topics. The zip file includes the standard Box2D v2.1.2 source tree with some extra tests added, so you should be able to compile it with cmake or code::blocks as mentioned in the Setting up topics.

Tutorial topics source code (up to 'Joints - prismatic') (Filetime: July 14 2013)

* In some places this source code is slightly different to the code shown on the tutorial pages, but usually it's pretty close. Because the tests are all included as headers in one .cpp file I have used preprocessor macros to temporarily rename some variables which would conflict with earlier tests.


You can download a binary build of the above source code if you just want to take a look at the tutorial topic behavior. Until I get something more convenient like flash on the site, this is gonna have to do :)

Windows binary (up to 'Joints - prismatic') (Filetime: July 14 2013)

Linux binary (up to 'Joints - prismatic') (Filetime: July 14 2013)

Mac OSX binary (up to 'World querying') (Filetime: July 14 2013)

* I have never distributed Linux binaries before, please let me know if there are any issues.