Apps using Box2D


Cognition is an iPhone app with over 40 mini-games to test your 'low-level' cognition. The game doesn't really showcase Box2D's physics capabilities much, I mainly used it for collision detection.

Detailed info here.

Cognition screenshot Cognition screenshot Cognition screenshot Cognition screenshot Cognition screenshot

Lotto mixer

Lotto mixer is an iPhone app using Box2D to simulate a 'gravity pick' style lotto draw. Although Box2D was obviously involved more here than with Cognition, it still doesn't even scratch the surface of what the engine can do. One of these days...

The RUBE editor was used to create the Box2D physics scene, taking about 4 hours to get the main functionality in place.

Detailed info here.

Lotto mixer screenshot Lotto mixer screenshot Lotto mixer screenshot Lotto mixer screenshot


Prankout is a trick game for the iPhone using Box2D for collision detection. The game itself is nothing special because the idea is to prank your friends into thinking that your reflexes are amazing - hence the name. The trick is to start the game by pressing an invisible button, after which you basically cant lose, even when the ball moves really fast.

RUBE editor was used to create the Box2D physics scene, taking about 1.5 hours to get a basic game running. I recorded a screenlapse of this which you can see below.
Prankout screenshot

Alone in the park

I made an entry for the December 2011 "Ludum Dare", a 48 hour game creation competition. This uses Angelscript to run script functions when certain fixtures collide, and the script can call back into the application to destroy joints and fixtures in the physics world. The ground is made with chain shapes placed by the RUBE editor, and I used poly2tri to decompose the chain shapes to triangles for rendering.

You can download the source code, and binaries for Windows/Linux/OSX here.

Downhill Supreme

I did the coding for the Downhill Supreme mountain-bike games, for iOS and Android. These were done with Cocos2d and Cocos2d-x respectively. You can find plenty of info on them at the official site:
Downhill Supreme
Downhill Supreme 2

Here is a video showing some gameplay:

Supplyfront (7dRTS)

I made an entry in a 7 day game-jam going by the name 7dRTS, in which the goal was to make an RTS game in 7 days. This was again done with SFML, and used a lot of Angelscript to run script functions for controlling the units. Box2D was used for collision detection only.

The original submission to the game-jam had the basics of terrain generation and combat (using line-of sight!), but did not have any of the supply-line features:

I continued working on the game for another month or so afterward, and implemented the supply-line features and some nice waypoint setting methods. You can read a little about the details here, or watch the video below for a very long-winded rambling video explaining how everything works:

You can download binaries for Windows/Linux/OSX here.
Unfortunately this is a game that would only really be fun to play against a human opponent, and there is no multiplayer functionality yet.