Created: July 30 2011

Box2D vehicles on iPhone

I had mentioned in the cocos2d forums a while ago that I would try the vehicles demo on the device to see how the performance turns out, so here it is. Performance is about what I expected, kinda slow but tolerable... just. I only have 3G iPod touch so it would be good to hear how it goes on a 4G.

The code is much the same as that of the b2dJson demo from which it was taken. Keypresses have been replaced by standard UIButtons, and a UISlider is used to change the zoom. Everything to do with the scene is kept in it's own class, kinda like the way the testbed does it. This would make it fairly easy to swap out this scene for another, if anyone feels like messing about with it.

Download XCode project
View youtube video (running on desktop PC)

Box2D iPhone vehicles demo