Created: July 28 2011

Ten weeks

I have used Box2D off-and-on over the last few years, but lately I seem to have some kind of obsession :D

Looking back over the last ten weeks I kinda surprised myself. At the beginning of May, this website was just an idea that I wasn't even sure if I would ever get around to doing. Since then I have set up the whole site from nothing which included learning a bunch of stuff like css, geshi, webalizer. I have about half of the tutorials covered already. In that time I also made and submitted two (albeit very simple) iPhone apps, wrote the JSON exporter, started work on the RUBE editor and brought it to a Really Useful state, and made a bunch of videos, demos and source for download, contributed a little code to Box2D itself, and got in everybodys face in the forums, doubling my posting count. Not bad if I say so myself.

To top it off I see in the server logs that occasionally 'iforce2d' is one of the search terms which is immensely satisfying (means the site was useful and worth coming back to right?), and someone has even donated to help keep the site running - thanks Matt! - needless to say that is also very encouraging. As I mention in the tutorials introduction, there were already a good many tutorials out there when I started, but I guess there is a place for C++ tutorials after all. :) :) :)

Right now I am taking a short rest from the tutorials because the next one is joints which is a biggie, and I thought it was a good point to take a break and try some other stuff I had been thinking about. Chances are this powered ragdoll will prove too difficult and I will be back doing the tutorials pretty soon. Once joints are covered the discussion can move away from low level details and onto the 'higher concepts' such as explosions, bullet-time etc. and we can have some more interesting demos to play with.

Has anybody tried the editor?