macOS 64 bit Rube

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macOS 64 bit Rube

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Apple has announced they would phase-out support for 32 bit Apps in one of the next OS versions. I do get a warning with the current OS (High Sierra) already. ... -app-alert

Is there a way you could compile Rube for 64 bit ?

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Re: macOS 64 bit Rube

Post by iforce2d »

Nope. Not with my current build system that uses a cross-compiler, and if they're trashing 32 bit apps they are highly unlikely to be supporting a 64-bit version of the Carbon API either.

Personally I am fed up with Apple and their "our way or the highway" approach to unnecessary forced upgrades, their total disregard for backward compatibility, and how their new OS updates continually break things that were working fine before. This whole venture is making me about $30 a month it's not really worth pursuing such irritating headaches, just to be thwarted and trolled by Apple again a year later. There will be never be a 64-bit version of RUBE I'm afraid.

Windows and Linux rarely if ever have these issues, and their 64-bit OSes have no issues with 32 bit support :) There is no reason a 64-bit OS cannot handle 32-bit applications.
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Re: macOS 64 bit Rube

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This question was my first thought as well. Apple should really loosen up about these things. Luckily, I have a Windows PC as well at my disposal.
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