importing json justomProperties

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importing json justomProperties

Post by abakobo »

I've tried to import a json with customproperties into RUBE but it looks like it's not reading the customProperties. Is there a way to import some json customProperties into RUBE?

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Re: importing json justomProperties

Post by iforce2d »

The exported .json is not intended to be re-opened to continue editing. You should use the .rube file to edit and save your scene, and the .json should be a one-way (export only) file.

The main reason that the editor is able to re-open the .json files is because the old (free) version of the editor saved in that format, and I wanted RUBE to be backward-compatible with existing scene files. I also find it handy every now and then to open a .json file to quickly check something.

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