More samples wanted

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More samples wanted

Post by devel »

Hi everyone, do you know if there is a place where we can download more RUBE scenes ?
Samples that come with the app are good but I 'd like to see more. Do people share their scenes ?
Especially I like the scene image of clock gears on the welcome page, is it available somewhere ?
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Re: More samples wanted

Post by iforce2d »

I'm not sure what I did with the original .rube file for the clock but you can find the exported .json file that the demo uses here: ... k-min.json
Keep in mind that being the exported .json, that file has the fixtures already decomposed into 8-sided polygons, but it might be enough to help you figure out whatever it is you're interested in.
If you can give a narrower definition of the concept that you want to know about, maybe I can make another sample, but simply saying 'more' doesn't give me much to work with and I might just waste time making something you don't care about :)

If it's making gear wheels that you're interested in, you might find this script helpful:
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