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Phaser integration

Post by smatthews1999 »

Dear Sir. I recently purchased R.U.B.E. and have been developing a Phaser game. I wonder if you would consider making some updates to the code that integrates to Phaser.
1. phaser-rube.js has several places where it expects "game" to be global. As this is not best practice, I have had to make changes.
2. The way the camera is setup (with huge boundries with negative offset) does not seem to play nice with other Phaser camera functions, like camera.follow, and do not work as expected.
3. World set bounds cannot be used, as it will cause boundries to show up in the wrong places.
4. There is no support for TileSprites.
5. Typescript definitions would be awesome!

Now that Phaser is in the public domain "phaser-ce" you could potentially add your functionality directly into the library. I for one would be glad to help with the effort.
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Re: Phaser integration

Post by iforce2d »

Thanks for the feedback! I don't think I will be doing any more work on the Phaser loader, as far as Javascript goes I would be more likely to make a loader for createjs next. I need to be providing the basics in multiple frameworks, rather than getting into the finer details of one framework.
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