Getting Started - Step1?

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Getting Started - Step1?

Post by goingalong »

"Lay the secret on me of man's red fire ..." having downloaded and unpacked the Trial Version for Linux (32 bit) how do I load it or run it? Or where do I find out how?

rubehelp has a getting started section but that doesn't tell me. Trying to execute rube.bin leads to a segmentation fault.
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Re: Getting Started - Step1?

Post by rileyrg »

Ive created a symlink "rube" in my local bin directory to the ".wrapper" in the rube dir. FWIW my .wrapper is as follows:



export LANG=en_US.utf8
export LC_NUMERIC=en_US.utf8
export QT_PLUGIN_PATH="$here"/lib
cd $here
exec "$0".bin "$@"
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Re: Getting Started - Step1?

Post by iforce2d »

Did you unpack it using a graphical archive utility, eg. "archive manager" on Fedora, or the like? I have noticed that after Fedora 15 the default archive manager does not extract symbolic links correctly. I think there was a similar problem on Ubuntu as well. Try extracting the archive from the command line, eg. unzip
It should say at the end "restoring symbolic links" or something like that. The file you want to execute is called "rube", not "rube.bin".

Please see also the other notes about Linux usage, on the trial download page:
(you need to click the "Notes on Linux usage.." link)
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