Select all colinear vertices in a fixture

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Select all colinear vertices in a fixture

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This script will select all vertices of the currently selected fixtures, where the vertex is almost exactly between its neighbors, within a given tolerance. These are good candidates for removal in most applications, and the presence of colinear edges can be a problem case for some algorithms. The tolerance is for comparing the dot product of the two segments on either side of the vertex.

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float tolerance = 0.00001;

fixture[] fs = sf();
for (uint i = 0; i < fs.length; i++) {
	fixture f = fs[i];
	for (int k = 1; k < f.getNumVertices()-1; k++) {
		vertex v0 = f.getVertex(k - 1);
		vertex v1 = f.getVertex(k);
		vertex v2 = f.getVertex(k + 1);
		vec2 s0 = v1.pos - v0.pos;
		vec2 s1 = v2.pos - v1.pos;
		float dot = s0.x * s1.x + s0.y * s1.y;
		if ( abs(dot) > (1-tolerance) );
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