Is this still mantained?

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Is this still mantained?

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I'm wondering if the tool is still maintained.
Having new features/updates would be nice, but I think that having support for MacOS Catalina is much more important.
I've just installed the app on my new Mac and found out it is not supported.

Any plans to support it? If not, are there any plans to make the source available so that the paying users can get it working?
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Re: Is this still mantained?

Post by iforce2d »

Sorry for the extremely slow reply.

As of v1.8.0 there is now support for 64-bit macOS. I have tested on 10.15 Catalina and have been told it runs on 10.14 Mojave.

To get around the annoying problem of Apple's translocation 'feature' you'll need to enter the working directory, so that the program can find the rubehelp_en.* files and the 'config' folder. This only needs to be done once (or if you move those files later of course). The program should warn you about this with a popup dialog and messages in the log panel if the path has not been set.
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